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Established in 2018, Care For the Nations (C4TN) is an outreach service operated by The House of Levi (Reg Charity: 1160392). We provide aid to the vulnerable and homeless in the UK and internationally. We seek opportunities to show God’s heart through giving to the poor and those in need.

‘It is better to give than to receive’ – Acts 20:35

We run a Community Drive in Enfield North London, offering care packages to the locals in need. With your help and support we hope to reach a larger number of people as demand for our help continues to grow rapidly. Donations are welcome and most needed. We really appreciate all your contributions!

C4TN Administrators

Elder Colette Martin holds over two decades of dedicated service, working closely with families from diverse backgrounds across various nations, both on the mission field and within the UK. her unwavering commitment extends to providing invaluable support to individuals facing challenges relating to marriage, health, employment and training. Colette’s extensive experience and compassionate approach have positively impacted the lives of countless people, empowering them to overcome obstacles and thrive in their personal and professional endeavours.

Michelle Kidd is deeply invoiced in healthcare finance advocacy, leveraging her expertise to champion better financial policies and practices within the healthcare sector. With a passion for ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare services, Michelle advocates for patients’ rights and financial transparency in healthcare systems in the UK. Her dedication to this cause has made her a prominent voice in healthcare advocacy circles, driving positive change and improving outcomes for individuals and communities alike.

Martyna Nosal boasts a decade of invaluable experience within a prominent global corporate organization. Her expertise lies in data analysis and pricing strategies, where she excels in crafting intricate solutions tailored specifically for the shipping industry.  Martyna harnesses her skills to enrich the broader community by implementing meaningful initiatives and services aimed at making a positive impact.

Our Projects

Community Drives

Soup Kitchen – Due to the challenges posed by Covid-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily close our soup kitchen. However, we are actively planning to relaunch this vital service in the coming months Summer.

Fun Day – Our annual event, held in August, is a celebration of unity and community spirit. Through a variety of activities, food provisions, and clothing giveaways, we foster an environment where individuals from all nationalities and backgrounds can come together, bond, and build meaningful connections. Our aim is to create a welcoming space that promotes inclusivity and embraces diversity, encouraging everyone to participate and engage with one another in a spirit of solidarity and understanding.

Local Schools – We’re excited to announce our recent initiative to support local schools by providing assistance directly to parents. Through this program, we deliver food directly to the schools on a weekly basis, ensuring that families in need have access to essential provisions. By easing the burden of food insecurity, we aim to create a more conducive learning environment for children and alleviate the stress on parents. Your support enables us to make a tangible difference in the lives of families within our community, and we’re deeply grateful for your contributions. Together, we’re empowering families and strengthening our community bonds.

Local Care Homes – We are actively building partnerships with local care homes to provide companionship and befriending services.

Food Bank

Our food bank in Enfield, London, is fully operational and actively serving our community. In addition to providing essential support at our location, we extend our services by delivering care packages to a mother and baby unit, as well as to individuals who reach out to us through our designated helpline. This outreach ensures that those in need receive assistance, regardless of their circumstances or ability to visit our food bank in person. Your continued support allows us to fulfil our mission of addressing food insecurity and supporting vulnerable members of our community.

Worldwide Missions

We have extended our support internationally by providing care homes with essential dry food and equipment (e.g. Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, St Martin). Additionally, we have been actively involved in disaster relief efforts in Pakistan, offering assistance to those affected by emergencies.

help is here, you are not alone


These achievements underscore our unwavering commitment to extending compassion and assistance to individuals and families facing adversity. Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals, both locally and globally.

Grocery Hampers

Grocery bags to support struggling households


Global Aid

Essential support items shipped globally.


Meals Served

Nourishing meals served at our soup kitchens.

Service times:

Sundays 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Suffolks Primary School Brick Lane, EN13PU

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