Children’s Church 12months – 12yrs

Children’s Church

The Children’s Church at House of Levi International focuses on teaching children the core foundations of Christianity by following a tailor-made curriculum every Sunday, 4pm – 6pm.  Children learn in an interactive and creative way, which builds key skills for their development such as team work and communication, as well as literacy and numeracy.  The Children’s Church cater for children from ages 12 months to 12 years old and strives to ensure that safeguarding is at the highest priority, by making certain that all staff are DBS checked and a good relationship is established with parents from the onset. Staff makes sure that children are equipped and ready for transition into the next phase at House of Levi International, the Justice Generation.

‘I will teach all your children, and they will enjoy great peace.’ – Isaiah 54:13 (NLT)

Children learn in a stimulating environment where learning is enhanced through creative and messy play, role play and games. Children are encouraged to be independent and guided by teacher praise and given ample opportunity to demonstrate their progress to meet lesson objectives.

  • Children are accepted from 1-12 years old
  • Our curriculum planning team ensures an annual curriculum is planned and delivered every Sunday, and tailored to meet the needs of children
  • Homework is embedded in the curriculum
  • Engaging age appropriate lessons are delivered
  • A focus on literacy and numeracy to develop academic skills
  • Termly outings are planned to further develop learning
  • Our Pastoral Care Team aims to build character by rewarding children for positive behaviour
  • Monthly evangelism and ice cream events
  • Children are involved in fundraising and missions collections for local and international causes e.g Shoebox Challenge for homeless and sending school supplies as part of the hurricane relief project for St Marteen
  • Regular contact is maintained with parents

Our Children’s Church Team

Our team consists of professionals who are Qualified Teachers, NVQ level 2 and Postgraduates in youth and community work. A collective of over 70yrs experience in the mainstream sector, working with children, young people and vulnerable people.

You can be confident as all members of the team are  DBS checked which is renewed regularly. With an appointed safeguarding officer, staff are also routinely trained in safeguarding.

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