There Shall Be Glory Prophetic Summit DVD


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This is a DVD Set.

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If you couldn’t be there or missed anything on the day, you’ll be able to watch and listen to the whole conference.


This 5 DVD Set features:
‘A CONSECRATED MAN’ PART 1 AND 2 (2 DVD) – Looks at greatness and holiness through true sacrifice. When you consecrate yourself to God, He will expose your use.

‘LIVING AFTER CHRIST’S LIKENESS’ (1 DVD) – speaks of the real call of God; that the natural man be crucified. For there cannot be REAL LIFE without death to self.

‘THE PROPHET OF YOUR LIFE’ PART 1 AND 2 (2 DVD) – A power giving teaching on the power of the tongue. If a man can control his tongue he can control his whole body; for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth (tongue) speaks.


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