Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a branch of the House of Levi International charity based in Wiltshire, primarily Swindon. Its goal is to introduce Christ, the hope of glory, according to the vision placed on this project and bring a balance of spirituality and practicality in the communities and lives of the people in the region.

The Vision for Helping Hands is to follow Jesus’ footsteps in Matthew 4:22-25 as he went everywhere in the country of Galilee teaching in the synagogues the good news about God’s kingdom. He healed all the people’s diseases and sicknesses and the good news was spread all over. The people brought to him all those who were sick and suffering from different kinds of diseases and pains. Jesus healed them all! This scripture demonstrates what Helping Hands thrives in succeeding and the hope to achieve greater in the region of Wiltshire.

Helping Hands takes pleasure in sharing love with the people and bringing joy in the communities. We are always praying for peace, unity, goodness and working tirelessly to end long-suffering. Over the years helping hands has worked with homeless people in assisting them to get shelter and has a bank of clothes and necessities to hand out to those in need.

Helping Hands also thrives on growing and diversifying the range of the service that it can provide both practically and spiritually.

All are welcome to visit us at Helping Hands! Our doors are always open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, throughout the year at the Swindon Central Community Centre.

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07749 581 313


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Helping Hands in Action

Helping Hands (Swindon)

Open every Saturday, 1pm - 3pm
@ The Haven Day Centre, Queen's Dr,
Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 1AR.
For more information: call 07749 581 313 or email

Clothes Bank

We send clothes to those in need locally and around the world.
For more information or to make a donation, please contact us.

Worldwide Missions

Supplying essentials for living to those in need around the world

All are welcome to visit us at Helping Hands!

Meet our Helping Hands Volunteers

Elvis Hlatshwayo

Foundation Director

An Accountant by profession with several years of experience in the finance sector.
Elvis is the leader of Helping Hands, thriving to reach out to the community to invite every soul to Christ and practically bring improvement, stability & sustainability in the communities where it’s impactable.

Anele Sola

Assistant Leader

Anele helps bring direction within the team. His enthusiasm to support and strengthen those in need is the greatest reward within helping hands.

Rennon Bowra

Assistant Leader

Rennon helps bring direction within the team and supports the practical needs of people through his specialism of information technology.

Jade Edwards


With professional experience working within the local authority, Jade is able to assist those who are homeless and vulnerable. Her passion is to support anyone who is in need and to provide advice.


Team Member

Rose helps those in need on the streets in the community, providing food, clothing and any support that they may need through Helping Hands.

Janette Bowra

Team Member

Janette has worked with young people within the local authority for many years, supporting them with their individual needs. Her passion & motivation has now extended to work within Helping Hands.